Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bumps, Bruises and Hospital Bills

So we haven't had the best of luck here in South Carolina. Five days after we moved here I was cooking steaks while Matt finished up mowing our lawn. I was hurrying because I wanted to have dinner ready for him once he was done. Taylor was crawling in and out of the back door as I went to get the steaks and somehow he sneaked behind me as I turned to go inside and he grabbed our very hot grill with his right hand. He started screaming and I immediately knew what happened. I turned around and grabbed him and put his hand in cold water. Well, we didn't have to go to the hospital, but his poor little hand was covered in blisters. We taped a sock on his hand so it wouldn't get infected and in about two weeks you couldn't tell anything happened.
In the middle of August we had some really cool rainstorms and Matt, being from the coast, has never really seen a cool thunderstorm. We out Taylor to bed and Matt had to send an email, so I got our chairs set up out on our porch and started cut cut up some pineapple that we could enjoy as we watched the lightening show. For some reason I was holding the pineapple and was trying to cut through the core and I pushed really hard and the knife cut through the pineapple and then through my left hand. It was really deep so I had to go to the hospital for 4 stitches.
Last Wednesday I woke up with Matt at 6, but as soon as he left for work I crawled back in bed. Taylor started talking around 7:50. I laid there listening to him talk for about 10 minutes and decided it was time to go get him. The next thing I remember is waking up hearing moaning and crying, and then I realized I was the one making the noises. I was laying face down on my floor at the foot of our bed with blood coming down my face and a horrible headache. I guess I blacked out as I got out of bed and fell backwards and slammed my head on our footboard. After waiting in the ER FOREVER I now have 8 staples in my scalp. I didn't have a concussion which was good, just a really bad headache and strawberry blond hair for a few days. Hopefully we're done with the injuries for now. There's a couple for church that live down the street that have actually helped us out with each injury and they probably think we are crazy, but it's all been fluke things. Anyways, send us your healthy vibes, we sure need them!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Well, Amy's wedding was great. It was fun to be able to go into the temple with her and her husband! (how weird) Amy is now Amy Layne. Taylor enjoyed it too. They were doing some construction right next to our hotel so Taylor would just stand out on the balcony and watch the diggers and trucks go by. He could've done that all day long. He behaved so well on the trip. For all the flights we took and time in the car, he was amazing! Here are some pictures from the wedding. The only bad part about it was that there was so much going on that we didn't get to see any of our friends that we've missed since we've moved, so sorry guys! We'll have to catch you next time! (No idea when that will be)