Sunday, May 30, 2010


While we were at my parent's house in Colorado, they left to go on a 2-week cruise to Spain, so we got a little bored. We decided (meaning I persuaded Matt to drive more) to drive the 10-hrs to Amy and Alek's house in Enid, OK. They live on an Air Force base there and that weekend they had to move to another house- just two doors down. We got to hang out with them and help them move. We got to go see the planes Aleks is learning to fly and Matt even got to try out the plane simulator and landed a T-6 perfectly... on a computer. They have a bowling alley on the base that is really cheap so we took the boys there twice. Taylor loved it, Brayden did not.

Life... Lately

So our life has been crazy lately- but I wouldn't have it any other way! (this is long- but good documentation for me...)

Matt finished his first or two years at BYU for his MBA. He worked so hard this year and his grades reflected that hard work! He's been searching and interviewing for a summer internship and we have been praying and fasting, along with our family, that he would get an opportunity that would help him build his marketing experience. We figured the internship would be out of Utah so we put our place up on the Internet to sublet but didn't have any interest, until May 1st. On Saturday a guy came and saw our place and wanted it, then and he was staying in a hotel until we moved out... so we did. We packed up and left 48 hours later and drove to Colorado to stay with my parents.

At the time Matt had one internship offer with a company in Ohio that we thought we would take but he was waiting to hear back from 4 other companies. Well, over the next week and a half he had a few more phone interviews and received an offer from JetBlue in SLC. The next Friday Matt had these two offers expiring, and at 4:00 other offers started coming in. He had to make his decision by 5:00 on Friday and between 4:00 and 5:00 he got two more offers from great companies. In the end he decided that the offer and opportunity available at JetBlue would give him the best experience, so here we are... back in Utah. We are really excited about this job experience for Matt and we are going to try and live it up here while we can. We rented our place out in Provo furnished so we needed to find somewhere else to live- with stuff already in it. Gratefully some friends in the MBA program were leaving their house in Lehi furnished, so we've moved in there. Matt will start with JetBlue on June 7th and will spend a day in NYC for orientation and then start his work here. We are so grateful for this internship and feel really blessed! Come visit if you're in Lehi!
Traveling Pictures:
Taylor requested an eye mask to take his nap. A MBA spouse makes these- SO CUTE! Brayden was happy as long as he had some junk food to eat.

Brayden turns 2!!

Some things I want to remember about this little boy:

- He LOVES animals

- He makes animal sounds all the time

- He does not talk much

- He understands everything you say or ask

- He'll try to say any word you ask him to

- He has the best belly laugh

- He hates going to bed every night, but goes down for naps easily

- He LOVES Dora the Explorer, yes, Dora is one of the few words he'll say on his own

- He tells a "knock-knock" joke

- He's recently debuted his new laugh, which is more like a scream

- He waits for Taylor to drop a toy and then he runs and takes it and hides so Taylor can't find it

- He will play in water all day if I let him

- He LOVES watermelon

- He LOVES Chocolate

We sure LOVE him!

For his birthday we were visiting my parents in Colorado so he had his birthday there. He loves chocolate cake and I found a great chocolate Texas sheet cake I wanted to make. Well, it fell apart a lot more than I thought it would, so when I tried to stack it on top and then ice it there were crumbs everywhere. I finally gave up and let the boys take over. Matt, Taylor and Brayden decorated the cake. (Notice Matt's touch of "natural selection" with the dead goat)