Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lehi Days and the Rodeo

Almost every town in Utah has a city celebration every summer. They're fun and pretty cheap entertainment- so perfect for our family! Lehi had their "Rodeo Days" last week. It consisted of sidewalk parties, half price swim day, THREE parades and the rodeo! We had fun enjoying it all. On top of all that, my mom came to visit so the boys were in heaven!

Watching the all horse parade

(This guy was painted blue and held a spear- kinda weird but pretty funny. He covered his horse in a dinosaur costume... pretty patient horse!)

My Favorite at the Rodeo- steer wrestling

Take #1

Take #2
(gave up after this one and tried later on in the evening)

Take #3

Sidewalk Party

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's slightly embarrassing... but I'm obsessed with golf- yes, this is Lori, not Matt. I LOVE to watch it! Most people are sad when college football and college basketball are over- I'm not. I know there are still some good sports coming! It's like Olympic season again here at our house the last two weeks. Women College World Series two weekends ago, Men's College World Series and World Cup last weekend and now the US Open- great time to be a sports fan!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bridal Veil Falls

We trying to live it up here in Utah while Matt's work schedule is more relaxed than his school schedule. We went on a mini hike the other day to the Lehi hot springs thinking that would be fun- it was not. We couldn't find the trail head and asked a police officer. He said, "its right over there, but not worth the 5 minute walk. It's just a hot mud puddle."
(Buzz Lightyear shooting the camera with his laser during the hike)

We didn't take his word for it, but when we got there that's exactly what we found. So, in our swim suits we walked back to the car and came home to play in our back yard.

The next day we had better success with a small hike up to Bridal Veil Falls. It was gorgeous up there and while the sun was hot the water was cool. I took WAY too many pictures and yes, I'm going to post a lot of them!

We're going to have to work on our hiking form.

Brayden was content to throw rocks into the water for almost two hours.


One of the first things Matt wanted to do this summer was get the boys set up with a fish. While at DI (thrift store in Utah) the second day we were back here he found a fish tank. Once we got approval from our landlords we set out to find a fish. Matt and Taylor spent about 10 minutes watching the fish in the WalMart tank for the perfect one, well, two so both boys could have one.

Brayden's, named Silver, lasted 13 hours at home.

Taylor's, named Taylor, lasted 2 1/2 days.

We are now on fish number three, also named Taylor. So far he's doing well. I'd think he was lonely, but he actually bit the tail off of Taylor I- so we're thinking he may be an only child/fish for a while. I guess I need to take a few more pictures of the fish because the only one I have is Silver going for a swim in the toilet to fish heaven, I'll get on that!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Pet Store

Brayden's love of animals inspired his birthday trip with just Matt and I. We took him to PetsMart AND PetCo (since they were right across the street from one another.)

***Also, a side note, Matt is trying to convince me to get an indoors dog which I am extremely against. (Not right now but after school) He thought if we could go and play with some dogs and see how much Brayden enjoyed it, it would change my mind. Little did he know these big pet shops don't "stock" puppies and encourage adoption so he wasn't able to brainwash me!***

Braydo LOVED it and was running from animal to animal making all the noises.