Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Austin {8 months} 12.25

Merry Christmas baby boy!!!

How fun to celebrate your 'month' birthday on Christmas! And you got to open presents for it too! :) This last month you spent some time in Colorado and you were AWESOME on the flight. That was really nice. You got to play with your cousin Rex again- although you two didn't play together all that much. You take two naps a day, usually 2 + hours each. You still have just the 4 teeth, but more are coming soon!!!

Austin {6 months} 10.25

On your '6 month birthday we made you dress up as a polar bear for our church trunk-or-treat. You didn't mind it too much and I even drew your whiskers and nose on while you slept. You sleep in your car seat so good! I love it! You'll sit through at least 1 1/2 hours of church in it. Your brothers still can;t get enough of you. You've started to like baths now. I'm not sure what changed but you used to SCREAM anytime I laid you down in the water and would only want to take showers. You're starting to move your legs in the water and you laugh when the water rushes back up by your head. you"re still nursing 4 solid times a day, but solid foods are realy peaking your interest.

Austin {5 months} 9.25

You're such a happy boy- we love having you around.
You started solid foods this month, not a huge fan of oatmeal or rice cereal by itself but you LOVE pears and I can sneak it in with the pureed pears.

family picture- a how-to

how to get that perfect family picture!
set up tripod- take a test shot

get a subject

tell subject not to move

make sure anyone who wants to be the subject gets a turn

use both subjects to check focus and flash

add a taller subject to check heigth
get the whole family together in the shot

try a different angle (fat arm is still there dang it! am i right Rhandi?:)

don't let smaller subjects act silly or you turn out with something like this (and still- a 'thigh-sized' arm!)

try sitting down, maybe that will keep them still and focused

don't move of your camera can't keep up

smile, cut out your fat arm and only post to blog... find a picture of a meadow or bridge to hang in place of giant family portrait in your home! better luck next time!

Silly Kids

On Wednesdays the boys have soccer class at the Y while I teach swim lessons. We come home later that evening and rush to get everyone fed and in bed. Matt usually watches their soccer practice and then I bring everyone home and Matt meets us a later at home after he's worked out.

The boys were in a crazy mood that night and thankfully so was I so all the running around and silliness so close to bed time made me laugh. They all three participated in their homemade rock band- using spatulas, wooden spoons and pots, complete with air guitars and bowing after each performance.

 (I want to remember this night because we were all silly and it was fun. We still got everyone to fed and to bed- but we had fun doing it. I forget sometimes that fun can be had while trying to do 'normal, boring everyday tasks)
Taylor found these glasses on the bus. They're his 'secret agent' disguise.
Austin had his first taste of shredded chicken- he liked it!


The life of a 3 1/2 year old can be tiring. Brayden doesn't want to nap but if we go anywhere in the car after lunch I always find this in the back seat.

Shoveling snow

Don't you wish this crew came to your house to shovel snow?!

Taylor's Handwriting

Taylor has been writing down everything in sight! He'll ask how to spell hard words or just copy the words he sees around him. Here's a sample from his notebook.

Sewing machine

While trying to sew on thick boy scout patches I messed up the timing of my sewing machine. Thank goodness I have a handy husband who grabbed his screwdriver and took it all apart. The insides of a sewing machine are scary to me... I was much happier when it was put back together.