Thursday, April 30, 2009

So I've been playing with coupons for about a year now... but just recently I've kicked it up a notch and am searching out the deals around town. Harris Teeter (a grocery store) in tripling coupons this week. They'll only triple them if they are under a dollar- but a .75 q can go pretty far tripled. So this morning I went WAY before the sun came up so there was no rush and everything was stocked- for the most part. Here's my loot:

You can only use 20 coupons each trip- so I need to make about three more trips. I'm saving money and it's starting to be a fun hobby! Before coupons this was $47.77 and I paid $12.69, that's a 74% savings... not too bad!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


we've just been around here- not doing too much of anything exciting. My parents and brother came down for a few days two weeks ago. It was a fun trip. We are trying to sell our house so we're busy keeping it in showing condition. Here are some pics, I really don't feel like typing anything. Maybe I'll come back to this, I don't know. I'm just not feeling it right now.
Taylor's steps to dying Easter eggs.
1. Get your hard bolied egg.
2. Pick up your white crayon.
3. Scribble on one end and one end only!
4. Drop it a few times to ensure cracking the shell.
5. Drop in dish and splash dye everywhere.
6. Remove and marvel at your handiwork.
use next step if needed:
7. Give baby brother a piece of carboard to eat so parents can focus completely on you.