Wednesday, August 18, 2010

rewind: Drive In Movie jul.31.10

On our summer "bucket list" was the drive in movie theater in north Salt Lake. We finally made it over there, but it was after a long day at the water park. When you buy your tickets to go in it's for a double feature on the same screen. We wanted to watch Toy Story with the boys, and the Sorcerer's Apprentice was on after that for Matt and I. Here was our set-up:

The boys and I laid on the hood of the car and Matt sat in a chair. We all really like Toy Story!
The Sorcerer's Apprentice didn't start until 11:20. I lasted maybe 30 minutes and fell asleep- Matt said it was an ok movie. The boys thankfully fell asleep quicker than I did strapped into their car seats. In spite of me falling asleep it was a fun family activity!

rewind: Cow A Bunga Bay: jul.31.10

I got cheap tickets to Cow a bunga bay in Sandy at the beginning of the summer and the boys have been dying to go play there. The water is cold on the slides but the lazy river and beach area was heated. We had such a fun time!

rewind: Thanksgiving Point jul.20.10

Lara, Matt's mom, flew back to Utah with the boys and I after our little vacation for her sister's birthday. While she was here we got to take the boys to Thanksgiving Point farms. We'd never been and the boys loved feeding the animals.

rewind: Fairyland jul.13.10

After our trip to San Diego the flights home were really full and there were a lot of stand boys so instead of waiting at the airport for a flight home we sent Matt back to Utah to work and the boys and I flew to San Fransisco to hang out with Matt's parents.

Fairyland has been around since 1940-ish and my father-in-law went when he was a kid, then Matt went and now our kids have gone- and I don't think much has changed in all the time! The boys loved it though. You walked around this little park that had scenes from fairy tales.

Do I have to count it against us?

We're in the middle of potty-training, actually I'm hoping a little more towards the end of it than the beginning... but here's my question:

Twice Brayden has been nakie and I've found him with #2 hanging from his bottom, since it never hit the floor and I didn't have to clean anything up, do I have to count that as an accident?

Ok, so maybe we're a little closer to the beginning stages than I would like to believe.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

REWIND: Jetting- San Diego jul.9-11.10

One benefit of interning with an airline company is the free flight benefits. One benefit of interning with JetBlue- personal TVs on each seat and LOTS of legroom. We have really enjoyed "jetting" with them this summer. Our friends in the MBA program, the Aho's, were living in San Diego for the summer so we decided to take a little vacation out there to see them. We fly stand-by for free so it's a gamble each time at the gate whether or not we'll get a seat or not. Luckily we got out of Salt Lake on the first flight to Long Beach and didn't have to wait in the airport all day that Friday. Matt had to fly "jump seat" with the flight attendants in the back and the boys shared a seat and I had a seat. Thank goodness it's a short flight over there!

Matt had a meeting in Long Beach on Saturday morning so we drove around Friday. We saw Newport beach and Huntington beach. The boys ran around in the COLD ocean. Brayden loved ever minute of it. Taylor was a little more apprehensive... uncomfortable temperatures bother him.

JetBlue has a contract with a hotel in Long Beach that we could stay in for relatively cheap. We were told to being extra socks for our kids so they wouldn't have to walk on the ground it's that yucky. Going into it with that in mind we were pleasantly surprised. They're currently re-doing the rooms and ours wasn't bad at all.

After Matt's meeting we drove to San Diego to play with our friends. I'm so sad I don't have any pictures of us at the beach there. We met up with the Aho's and the Jones' (whose house were living in right now) who are both interning in San Diego. The boys (husbands) went surfing and boogie boarding while the girls and the kids stayed on the beach to play in the sand.
Stacie and I went out boogie boarding for about 30 minutes and LOVED it! We had so much fun even though the water was so cold. By the time we called it quits my feet were numb! As we came in Brayden grabbed my hand and wanted to go out. He couldn't get enough of boogie boarding. Have you ever see those people with dogs on the surf boards... that's what Brayden looked like. He would hold himself up on his hands and knees on the boogie board while I navigated us in and out of the ocean on the waves. He would laugh so hard! It didn't even matter that my legs were now starting to get numb. We had a great dinner with our friends and then went back to the Aho's to play games. We stayed up WAY to late and our sanity went to bed around 11:00- and we stayed up a few hours more. That was such a fun night!

After church on Sunday we went to La Jolla and to the tide pools. The boys really enjoyed walking around on the rocks and seeing all the sea life.
Taylor trying to touch the crab in the rock - - - - - - - - - - - - Crab

Josie sat in the middle of the pool

After three trys this was the best picture of the boys - - - Brayden with Josie

MJ and Taylor watching for seals - - - - - - - - - - Conran and Aho families

Thanks for hosting us guys! We had such a fun time and can't wait to get back to Provo to hang out!

REWIND: Highland Splash Park jul.7.10

(I've got so much to catch up on... that's your warning!)

This summer while living in Lehi we have discovered Highland's free splash park. The boys love it! We have gone almost once a week and they ask to go more often than that. The water "originates" as a waterfall coming out of a rock and then flows through the river and then shoots up on the pad. We take trucks, bottles and boats to float down the river. It sure has made these hot summer days bearable!

Little Mermaid?
Throwing rocks - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Laying on the concrete to warm up