Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Madness

Are my kids the only kids that fill out a bracket every year??? When they were really young we would flip a coin for them, then we went to the numbers, asking 1 or 16, 2 or 15 and so on. This year we asked them the names of each match up and they would pick who they want to win. The sad thing is, I am doing terrible and they're both beating me!!! (Definitely not my year!)

Since Thursday our tv has been on non-stop watching the great basketball madness. As terrible as it has been for my bracket, there have been some GREAT games.

On Thursday I ran up to take a shower and as I was getting dressed I hear Taylor yelling at me, "Mom, hurry, it's almost over. There's only 9.6 seconds left!" I came down to this picture. He was hungry, but wanted to watch the games so he got himself a yogurt and a tray table and set it up in the living room so he wouldn't miss anything.

Some of my favorite quotes as of lately:

T: "Ooo... hold on, I just have to watch the game real quick"

When picking his teams for the bracket challenge, Brayden, " Temple.. oh mom, a temple!" (In our religion a temple is a very important place of worship. My boys loves seeing the temple) Needless to say, Temple is going really far in Brayden's bracket... bad for him!

T: "Mom, just tell me when the Hook'em Horns and BYU play. I want to watch that game." (Taylor's picks for the National Championship game)

B: "Go BYU, rar-rar" (BYU isn't playing at the time)

When asked Tennessee or Michigan T: "Tennessee... oh mom, you know what?That must be where all the players play tennis!" (Tennessee didn't get far...maybe they should practice basketball more and not tennis! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

32 Weeks (and 1 day)

This pregnancy has been a little harder on my body than the other 2 have been. I won't get into details but I'm just a lot more uncomfortable this go around. Since I've had bigger babies (Taylor was 9 lb 1o oz and Brayden was 9 lb 15 oz a week early) the doctors have said they'd induce me a week early. The only problem is a week early is a Saturday and they won't do elective inductions on the weekend. I've decided that I'll take whatever I can get and Monday the 25th of April looks like the date! Yeah! So that's only 7 weeks away- I think I can make it! :)

***and don't mind the Christmas cards still up in our house- we love all of your pictures and letters! I promise they'll be coming down soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brayden's Tumbling Tots

One of Brayden's Christmas presents from the Fowler grandparents was "tuition" for Tumbling Tots. It was during Taylor's preschool time and he loved being able to say he went to "class." His favorite activity was the bar.
He received a medal and certificate of achievement upon completion. He was so proud of it and couldn't wait to show Taylor.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skiing at Sundance

My parents were able to make a quick trip up to see us over Matt's week-long break from school. My dad and Matt went skiing at Solitude on Monday (President's Day) and found "some of the best powder of their lives." (that's a direct quote!)

Taylor took a skiing class over Christmas break and loved it and really wanted to get back out there so Tuesday we all headed up to Sundance. Brayden thought he really wanted to ski too and I couldn't say no so we got him some rentals and took him down the small incline.

I didn't trust my balance on skis- or in general- so Matt and my parents took over helping the boys. Watching them grab on and go up the tow rope was very entertaining in itself!

Here's Taylor standing on his head before getting on- he lost his balance. Once he made it to the top he was excited to come down!

PIZZA! Brayden doesn't have a ski helmet so we made his bike helmet work. Skiing with grandpa.

If you weren't sure if Bray would like it, look at that cute smile!!!

In all honesty Bradyen lasted about 20 minutes, but 6 and under ski free so no biggie. Taylor went up the big lift and came down with my dad and Matt. he had fun but by then it was lunch time so we headed home and let the big boys stay and ski.

Sticker Man

Taylor was a little too quiet...

Body Pillow

My mom got me this AWESOME body pillow for Christmas. It basically can wrap all the way around my body while I sleep (thank goodness we have a king bed so I have room for it!). It supports my growing belly and my back- LOVE IT! Well, it was just about nap time the other day and the boys decided it's a great spot for them to sleep too!