Friday, June 20, 2008

Lori, Lori Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?

So I posted back in February about starting the seeds for my garden. I started them WAY too early as we have threats of frost until the beginning of May, meaning a lot of things can't be put into the ground until then. Right now I have my "cold" plants out but it's getting too hot for them so they're all starting to die which is fine because it's time to plant the good stuff... watermelon and cantelope! I've started those seeds and they're coming up very nicely so hopefully in 80-90 days we'll have some good fruit. We had some good sugar snap peas and the tomato plants are looking good. The lettuce looks good, but it is REALLY bitter, I need to figure out what I did wrong.

We also planted some calililies (sp?) and they are gorgeous! Hopefully the cannas we planted will start coming up soon.

Taylor LOVES water, and he loves to water the grass and our garden. He usually just ends up drowing the plants but he thinks he's doing a great job. These were taken after a hot day of working in the garden.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Well, I've lost it! Taylor walked around for about an hour and a half tripping all the time yesterday before I realized I'd put his tennis shoes on the wrong feet. Do I get credit for at least putting shoes on him?

Monday, June 2, 2008

So I've been checking the local high school's websites since we moved here for coaching jobs, just something I could do on the side for fun. About a month ago I saw that the head swim coaching position was opening up South Pointe High School. I talked with a friend from church who teaches at the school to see if she knew anything about it or if it had been filled yet. She then talked with the Athletic Director and I called him. I went in for the interview a week after I had Brayden and I got the job. I'd like to say that I was a great interviewer and the best person for the job, but it turns out I was the ONLY applicant! He was worried they weren't going to find anyone. I met the principal the day I was hired and he asked me if I could swim, I said yes and he said "Well, that's my only requirement." I'm guessing swimming isn't where they put a lot of energy, and I know they don't put much money towards it! My pay will maybe cover gas prices to get to and from the pool everyday! But it will get me out of the house and I really miss coaching so I'm excited about it! We haven't figured out what time practices are going to be and what the boys are going to do while I'm coaching, but we have time. My season is only 10 1/2 weeks long from our first practice to the State meet. Wish me luck starting August 1st! I'm going to have my first team meeting tomorrow after school, hoepfully some kids will show up!