Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm a fan of country music- much to Matt's horror and dismay.

There's a song by Sugarland and a line it it says,

"Now there's toys in the backyard
Daddy's boys, yeah, you know how they like to fight
When they sleep, he swears they're angels
He wouldn't trade a day for all those Friday nights"...

We have had one of those days where it's lucky that we're all alive by bedtime! But when I went it to see them tonight- my heart just melted and I forgot all about the craziness of the day and I just wanted to kiss those cheeks and stroke the hair of my little angels. Man I love those boys!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Park Days

The weather in Provo has been so crazy lately. I'm not going to complain that much because it's been a lot of sun and mid 50's, but then we'll get snow three hours later! So weird! We've been enjoying the parks lately. Oh- and Taylor got a haircut! FINALLY!!!!

Growing Up

Brayden has been growing up so much lately- at least in my eyes. When Taylor was Brayden's age, we had a one- month old. Out of necessity and excitement for things to come we encouraged Taylor to grow up. With Brayden- he's our baby. The rush to do new things hasn't been as hurried with him. He still doesn't talk much and has about 6 words in his vocabulary BUT he's trying!

We bought a little potty from Ikea a while ago just to be ready when potty training came upon us again. Well, it looks like it might be here! The last two days Brayden has made himself pee in the potty if I ask him to. YEAH! (kinda) I;m not sure if I'm totally ready to do it, but if he is then we better get going!

Last night we took the side rail off his crib. That was a huge step for me! He looks so little- but I had to remind myself Taylor had already been sleeping in a twin size bed for two months at this point! Brayden did pretty good. He knocked on his door to get out at 2:00 am and wanted to play downstairs. It took him 3 hours to go back to bed, which meant not a lot of sleep for me, but over all it went well!


Matt's sister Stephanie came into town two weekends ago. We planned lots of fun things to do while she was here. First on our list was bowling. The boys have never been bowling so we hit up BYU's bowling lanes. Brayden liked it for a little while. Taylor wanted to bowl every one else's frames and the rest of us were terrible! BUT we still had fun!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This kids has been cracking me up. Today on the radio someone said something about being a disgrace to all humanity. I didn't totally hear it but Taylor piped up from his seat and ask, " Humanity, what is all humanity?" I tried to explain what it was, but he decided we're all boys, mommys or daddys- "there's no humanity silly mommy."

At dinner he asked for some more water and when I handed it to him he drank some and said "Now that's what I'm talking about."

As we sat down for dinner I was putting food on their plates and he looked up at me and said, "Mommy, you'll always be in my heart." (Anyone know which movie that is? Spirit. He watched part of it this morning.)

Brayden still doesn't talk much, but we can understand the different inflection in his squeals and screams to get his point. He LOVES animals and any food that is NOT good for you! (notice the pasta sauce and oreo look he's sporting above)He has an obsession with play dough and wants to play with it all day long.

Both boys cannot be deterred by the weather when there's a sand table right back your back door. They bundle up and play until it gets too cold. For the most part they play well together, but every once in a while someone will come in with sand in their hair from a sand fight.