Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I went in to check on Brayden during a nap the other day and my heart dropped! I just peeked in and assumed to see him right there...
Want to guess where Braydo is?

So scary! I want to know how he got under there, and got his pillow pet in there!


Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we celebrated on Saturday night and went trick-or-treating. Taylor could finally wear his REAL Halloween costume now that it was the right day.

Right before we were about to head out the wind picked up and it started pouring! Then it started hailing and I was worried we wouldn't make it out at all. After about 45 minutes of that, it stopped and we were able to get out.

Matt stayed behind to watch football, I mean hand out the candy. It was still a little chilly but the boys lasted 45 minutes and we filled their baskets so they were happy.

They each got to pick one piece of candy to eat that night, here was Taylor's choice.

Brayden chose chips and LOVED them!


Well, I jinxed it. It's a no go. I'm so sad! I was really looking forward to a week of laying around reading books and having nothing to do! The damage to the engine room is so extensive that Carnival has cancelled cruises on Splendor until mid January. Such a bummer! Now what???

They are reimbursing everyone, plus offering 25% off your next cruise. They'll pay up to $200 in flight costs. My MIL is looking at cruises that leave from Florida, but flights are WAY more than $200... we'll see if she can find anything. Wish us luck!

Halloween 10 K, 10.30.10

A local theater company organized a 10K the Saturday before Halloween. My friend Stacie and I had been running since school started in the mornings before our families woke up. We decided we could try for this race. Stacie has never run a race and the farthest I've run in a race was a 5K.

We got an extra prize if we dressed up so Stacie found these skirts at Walmart for $5, and they didn't get in our way too much so that's what we wore. For running we also got a really nice wick away shirt and two set of free tickets to some of their upcoming performances.

In the excitement of the race I started off really fast (we had been training at a 9:30/mi- 10:00/mi pace). I kept telling myself to slow down and I thought I was, but when I checked my watch at the first mile marker it read 7:30!!! I couldn't believe I ran the first mile that fast! I really slowed down after that- afraid I wouldn't be able to finish! Around mile 3 1/2 I was running out of energy and needed to make it up a hill. The boys drove around the course and saw me three different times. I ran the batteries out in the camera the day before (leaf pictures!) and forgot to charge it. Matt has video of me running- but no one wants to see that!

Overall I never walked and ran a 9:17/mi resulting in a final time of 57:54. I really wanted to run it under an hour and I did! I got third in my age group and was really pleased with my first race.

Fall Leaves

We met some friends at the park at the end of October and had a great day in the leaves. The boys loved being able to throw something that wouldn't hurt anyone!

MBA Halloween Party

The MBA Spouse Association threw a big blow-out Halloween party this year. It was so fun and so many of our friends came. Taylor, yet again, would not wear his true Halloween costume- just the Power Ranger one. Brayden was Henry the Train, but not for very long increments.

Taylor with his scary Power Ranger face and Brayden pretending to have a jet pack like Buzz Lightyear.

Taylor and Pocahontas, I mean, O*. They go to preschool together and she gives Taylor the biggest hug every time she sees him, it's o cute.
For dinner everyone brought chili and soup. The line was really long so while we were waiting I went and got the boys some veggies and fruit to eat. Brayden went with me and grabbed a white chocolate covered marshmallow as well. At least he ate his carrots too!

Games at the carnival and a lovely family picture :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

So we found out that carving pumpkins isn't all it's cut out to be! Everyone was really gung-ho, and then we cut the tops off to find the guts inside- how disappointing! The boys hated cleaning them out- but after a little persuasion would finally put their hands in.

Unfortunately we never got a finished picture- but in the end they were very pleased with them. Taylor had a scary one, Brayden carved a happy pumpkin, I carved a ghost and a pumpkin and Matt's was a silly, funky face.
Happy Halloween!

Bunk Beds

Steve, Matt's dad, is a great wood-worker. He built his sons bunk beds when they were little. Once they grew out of them they were moved to the garage and have been stored for about 18 years waiting on some grandkids. The Conran grandparents made a trip to Utah and brought with them the bunk beds. The boys were SO excited! Now if I could just get Brayden to fall asleep a little quicker in them and not come into our bed at 4:30 am.

Cruisin' Together

For a big milestone birthday (we don't have to talk about which one) of my mother-in-laws she wanted to go on a cruise. She wanted to be on a cruise so no one could tell her how old she was! :) Well, 2 and a half years LATER all of the schedules have aligned. Between high school, 2 colleges and work schedules we've never been able to get all the Conran sibling and parents plus me together.

I have been counting down the days... For about 45 days now. We're going over Thanksgiving. I'm flying the boys to my parents house and we're going to drive to LA to take off! I can not wait.

Anyone want to guess which ship is ours?

Yes, SPLENDOR- the ONLY CRUISE SHIP OUT OF COMMISSION RIGHT NOW!!! I couldn't believe it! After years in the making, we had four different boats we could go on that week, and of course, we chose the one that caught fire and was stranded with all it's passengers without electricity for three days. I sure hope they get a move on and can fix everything. My countdown is still on, and I really want to go!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ward Halloween Party

Taylor wanted to be Spiderman for Halloween. A friend of mine let us borrow her costume BUT Taylor wouldn't wear it until actual Halloween. He dressed up 5 times this year in a costume and every time I would try and get him to wear the Spiderman costume. He would ask, "Mom, is it the real Halloween day?" and of course i would have to say no because it wasn't yet so he wore his Power Ranger suit, 4 times and spiderman only once! So on this night Taylor was a BYU Power Ranger.

When my mom was visiting we got Braydo a puppy dog costume. He loved it when he picked it out but would only wear it for 2-3 minutes at a time so we took it back after this party. He does make a cute little puppy though!

We LOVE Mac-n-Cheese

And we HATE utensils!

After church you're just so hungry you need to get the food in as fast as possible!