Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So we've wanted to take the boys camping... and now it's summer and SUPER hot and humid here in the south! We decided to do a test run in our backyard to see how they do. Thank good ness that's what we decided to do. We started off by setting up the tent and cooking smores- on our grill. They're not quite as good as over a wood fire.

Taylor enjoyed playing with the fire starter and Brayden found his little spot in my garden (which reminds me I need to post about) and played in/ate the dirt.

We bathed the boys, put them in pajamas and went out around 9:15, it was still 83 outside. I took a few books to read and some glow sticks and off we went, the whole ten feet off our back deck.

We read and said prayer and laid down. Matt fell asleep within thirty minutes. Brayden would lay down just long enough for me to think this might be it- he may be out and then he's laugh, or shriek and roll over and crawl all over us. We were generating so much heat it had to be 90 in the tent! Taylor and Brayden played while I tried to pretend to be asleep and see if they would copy me. It did not work. By 11:15 I was done, so I took Brayden inside and he immediately went to sleep as soon as I laid him in his crib.

I went back out side to Taylor and Matt and put the baby monitor on the porch. Well, Taylor kept crawling on me and putting his feet in my face to be funny so at 12:15 we both went in. I told Matt we were leaving and he didn't come so I got our bed all to myself!

At 7:00 Taylor woke up and went outside and woke up Matt. I got to sleep in the A/C and sleep in- what a great night, well kinda!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Girl's Camp 09

So because I'm the YW president in our ward I had the chance to go to Girls Camp this year. Since I've been home I've decided that this is definetely something I need to attend every year! It was so nice to be around just girls. Once my boys get older and smellier I bet I'll really be begging to go! The camp director this year was so fun and LOVES to dance. We had music on all day long. Things got a little crazy but it was such a blast! I was the 4th year level leader (15 yr old girls) I had the BEST girls at camp. We all got along and had a ton of fun together! Thanks for the fun girls!

4th Level Girls

Sandy Abbot our Camp Director

Rock Hill Ward YW

Some of my 4th Level girls

Me and my "besties" MaKenna and "Wicky Wicky What"

4th Level girls after they washed their hair in the rain

Thursday, June 4, 2009

14 Layer Cake

So for a Young Women's object lesson I needed a very "desirable" chocolate cake. The other day on Bakerella I saw this one and thought that would be PERFECT!!! Well, I didn't document the whole process as well as she did, and mine definitely did not look as good as hers does- but it sure tasted great! My secretary's 9 yr old daughter was there last night and had a piece and said it was the best cakes she had ever had and begged me to give her mom the recipe. It was so cute. The girls were all excited when we cut into it and saw all the layers... that was my favorite part too! The layers were covered in a chocolate butter cream icing so it looked prettier, YUM!