Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Taylor LOVES trains! He gets so excited when anything to do with trains is around him. Matt was the same way as a child so it's really neat to see how excited both of them get now. Even if we drive over railroad tracks he gets excited. One the ranching and farming channel they have documentaries about different trains throughout the U.S. adn he loves it! They talk about the engines and how old they are adn how they remodeled them, but as long as the video of the train moving on the track is on the tv he's happy!

For Easter grandma Conran made him a train quilt. It has a railroad going all along it so he can drive his toy trains. We got it on Monday and on Tuesday morning when he woke up he asked to play with it. He could lay down and play with it all day long if I let him.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday and had time to really reflect on the true meaning of it. We re-read the accounts of Christ's resurrection from the New Testament and are eternally grateful for the sacrifice that He made so that we can all return to live with Him and our Father in heaven again. The reading was a little too much for Taylor so he colored a picture of Jesus and now says Jesus too!

Taylor got a new suit to wear for Easter Sunday and after church we did an egg hunt. He liked that a lot... he might've like the sucker he had a little more though! Happy Easter! (a day late)

p.s. only 6 more weeks til our new "egg" comes! yahoo! there's an end in sight!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When Taylor eats he ALWAYS has to tilt his plate or bowl. Why I don't know... neither Matt nor I do this but Taylor has to! He has evolved now to putting his bowl to his face and trying to lick the rest of the food off of it. (again, he has not picked up this habit from Matt or I) With spaghetti this can really be a mess but it is pretty funny and we can't hold in the laughs which just encourages him.

There's a lady on that is spring cleaning her house and she types up something to do everyday for one hour and she includes a crock pot recipe along with it. I haven't started cleaning yet but I'm going to follow her plan. She started in her kitchen and is now in the bathroom. I "spring cleaned" our bathroom two weeks ago when my mom was here so I'm going to do the kitchen now and catch up with her sometime next week. If nothing else I'll just use her for the crock pot recipes. Here the site if you're interested. I better go, today is deep cleaning my floor day and Taylor's already been down for 40 minutes, I've only got 1 hr and 20 minutes left!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Taylor FINALLY said "mom" on Saturday. It's so cute to hear him call for me rather than scream! The weather has been gorgeous this week so we've been outside for hours everyday. Yesterday we ate our lunch in the "fort" of Taylor's playset. He loves it so much! I don't know if I've talked about this already but my parents built Taylor a playset in our backyard for Christmas. He loves to go up and down the stairs and the slide. He usually goes down the slide on his belly, he thinks that's really funny!
One quick story about my little boy... Today we went to Hobby Lobby to look at some fabric. Taylor loves to push the cart so I let him. He started pushing it on his knees so it was taking FOREVER to go up and down the aisles so I started pushing it a little faster and asking him to stand up. Well, he did just the opposite and layed down on the ground still holding on to the bottom of the cart. I pushed the cart a little figuring he would let go and stand up and chase me, instead he held on and laughed so hard. That's now his favorite way to go shopping, being dragged behind the cart! At least the store's floors were pretty clean and thanks to use they look even better than before!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

30 Weeks and Counting...

So my official date is May 13th to see this guy, but because of the size of Taylor, they don't want me to have a baby any bigger than him, so they've penciled me in for an induction on May 7th. We'll see if everything looks good around that time and then decide if that's what right for him. (And yes we call the baby, "baby" or
"him" because we don't have a name and are no where close to picking one...) At least I still have days where I think that I'm not really THAT big yet. Today was one of those until I saw the picture on the computer... I'm big!