Friday, April 9, 2010

Lehi Water Park

We went on a field trip with other MBA spouses to the Lehi indoor water park. The boys had a BLAST! It's been so long since they've been in the water. It was a great day to go. I've been itching for some warmer weather and as soon as we got inside it started snowing. The wind was blowing really hard outside and it was nice to pretend it was warm and summery in the pool. The snow kindly stopped when we were done too so we didn't have to make a run for it to the car.

Brayden winding up to splash himself- he loved this!

Blowing Bubbles

Oops, my lens fogged up! Taylor running to the slide.

Time Consumer

This has been what has taken me away from blogging...

Actually, I'd like to use this as my excuse, but it hasn't been that stressful, I just don't feel like blogging much lately. I'm trying to force myself because I know ya'll are all dying to know what it's like to be me! :)
A group of women from the MBA Spouse Association have created a quiet book group. Most of them already went through one round and each made 14 duplicate pages of a quiet book and then swapped them. I jumped in on round 2 and I;m making 19 train pages and then will trade for the other 18 pages. It's going to be AWESOME because they're all better sewers than me! (Jes- you know how bad I am. I still haven't hemmed my baby wrap because I'm too scared to sew a straight line!) This has been a great learning experience and I have to say my sewing skills are getting better each day! I can't wait for the final products!