Monday, January 30, 2012

Bear hats

The boys got some awesome winter hats from my parents. Here they
are in all their glory.

Little bud's first haircut

Austin's been rockin' the 'front rat tail' look for a while. When he was born he had short hair, and two REALLY long hairs! They were like 4 inches long.Well, we went as long as we could and after Christmas we evened out his front. It looks so much better.
*and he loves to clap- as seen in both pictures :)

Fowler fam

For Christmas this year we got to go skiing with my (Lori) side of the family in Vail.

My parents have spent the last 12 weeks in Korea for my dad's work so it was nice to get to spend time with them.
Papaw and Gr'Anna on the shuttle to watch the ice skating show

'We're in order!'
Th Fowler siblings
Ladies- the boy is at BYU and available!!!:)

Did I not mention that? ;)

Ya.... My husband works for BISSELL.

Count 'em.... There's 9!!! And we have the garage pro mounted in our garage.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

12.7.11: Santa at Bissell

Santa came one evening to Matt's work and the boys were able to deliver their letters to him and decorate cookies afterwards. I can't find our family picture with Santa but the boys were glad to see him one more time to remind him of the things they would like.

Visiting Santa

We got season passes to a local art museum/sculpture park/ really neat place!
For Christmas each year they decorate Christmas trees from different nationalities. It was so neat to see how people decorate trees all over the world. On your way in or out Santa is waiting to see the kids. Thankfully we didn't have any criers this year!


Taylor thought this was hilarious...Austin wasn't so sure but he sat there and took it.

12.3.11: Cutting down the tree

Cutting down the tree has become of our my favorite Christmas traditions. Matt's family always had a real tree and my family always had a fake tree. While I want to have a nice fake tree one day- when that day comes, we'll then just have two trees because this is too much fun to pass up! 

There was a tree farm just 5 minutes from our house that takes you out on a wagon ride, you pick and cut your tree and then load it back up and take the ride back to your car. The boys loved the tractor/wagon ride and it really gets our family in the mood for Christmas.

The tree of 2011

Matt teaching Taylor how to saw the tree trunk

In the end... Matt did all the work

Proof I was there... sporting my fancy,warm winter boots

Austin supervised the work

And Bray... well... he was Bray- being silly and entertaining us the whole time

11.24.11- Thanksgiving

Every year for the month of November we try and start our Thankful tree and add a few leaves (and this year pumpkins and acorns) with things we are thankful for to it each day. Here's how our's turned out this year.

For Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to have my sister, Amy and her little boy Rex come up for the week. We weren't all that exciting as Taylor had school a few days and Austin was sick the whole time- but it was SO nice to have them here with us!

 The cheeseball- one of my favorites!

 The turkey turned out pretty good and all the rest our spread was delicious. It was fun to be in the kitchen again with my sister.

Me and 'Rexy-boy' as Bray and I call him. He's the cutest little kid
and only 5 days younger than Austin so it's already been
decided they're going to be the best of friends.
*And of course I'm the favorite aunt... right Rex!?:)