Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Friday was Matt's birthday and he's been sick all week. We made him breakfast in bed and he got to open presents. We hung out around the house all day and then got ready to go to our church trunk-or-treat. It was really fun and Taylor liked to get the candy! The only problem was they would let him pick out what he wanted. He'd skip right over the Snickers, Butterfingers, Sweetarts...all the good ones and would pick out a nasty sucker! He LOVES suckers and came home with atleast half of his candy as suckers! We went around our neighborhood too and he loved it! He would run from house to house and eventually understood that if the lights weren't on we couldn't go to that hosue. When we made it back home he pointed up the street and say "more." Matt took him out again for round two, but that was at 8:45 so msot of the houses had already shut down for the night. Brayden was the CUTEST polar bear and he was so good all night! He's always so good though. We have been so blessed!

Matt was a good sport and dressed up with me. I was a "hippie" girl and Matt was a used car salesman.
Can you see the resemblence here?

My Pumpkin: Matt's Pumpkin:

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch close to our house to get a pumpkin one weekend. Taylor loved having all the pumpkins to run around and pck from. He would pick one up, bring it to us and then run away to find another one.

The next weekend we went back to the pumpkin patch we went to last year. It was fun to see Taylor a year later at the same spot.

Matt and Taylor talking about the milk cow:

First Movie Experience

One rainy Friday Matt got home from work early and wanted to take Taylor to his first movie in a theatre. I popped popcorn and put it in brown paper bags for each of us (I know, I'm cheap!), packed drinks in the diaper bag and little bags of candy and we headed out for the dollar theatre. Taylor was really good until Brayden got restless and I stood up in the back with him. That wasn't until 1 hour and 15 minutes had gone by though. He took two laps around the crowd until we could catch him. We watched WallE. Without a kid there we wouldn't have liked it at all, but it kept Taylor entertained!

Painting Pumpkins

To help decorate for Halloween Taylor and I picked out some small pumpkins at our Farmer's Market and painted them one afternoon. My favorite picture is where Taylor is holding three paint brushes at the same time... TALENT!

October Posts...

I've got LOTS to catch up on, so I'm gong to post a ton of stuff... enjoy!

For his birthday, Matt's mom got him some guitar strings becuase his broke on the move here ( 15 months ago!! obviously he doesn't play THAT much) Taylor LOVES Matt's guitar so he was really excited about it. Matt played us some songs one night, and then we introduced Bradyen into "flying." (10-5-08)

Even Motorcycle got in on the action!

My Boys

Brayden watching the "flying"

Primary Fair

Our primary does a carnival/fair every year and his year Taylor was old enough to go. He had a lot of fun adn we brought our next door neighbor. I really wanted Taylor to ride the horse, but he wasn't interested, instead he was chassing the big boys around.