Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Date

So because of the bet I lost (see previous post about the mile run) I had to plan out Valentine's Day Date. I was planning on going rock climbing or laser tagging... but Matt said plan something we both would enjoy. So I found that these big monsters were in town- so we went- how romantic!

This bad pup was my favorite- the driver was pretty entertaining during his minute "freestyle" portion. Also, the tongue went in and out as he drove.

The intermission show was a man and his adult two daughters riding motorcycles in the steel cage. I guess this wasn't very cool because a lot of the people there had been to the circus the week before and there were 7 little people on motorcycles in a cage at that show.

So when I was getting ready to go I put on blue jeans and a polo shirt. Matt said there's no way he'd let me go looking that nice. So I changed into jeans witha hole in the knee and my Goodwill Texas shirt. I went to go pick up our baby sitter and came back to Matt smearing mustard into his shirt so he would "fit in better" at the Monster Truck show. Again- how romantic!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Days

By the end of our ski trip Taylor was finally getting used to the snow and enjoyed playing in it- then we left. Well, snow came to use this past weekend. It started raining Thursday night and most of Friday and ALL day on Saturday (which didn't stop Matt and Scott from going out and playing disc golf).

Sunday the temperature dropped and that night the rain turned into bits of ice and then snow. Schools were cancelled and life just about shuts down around here. We got probably 3 1/2 inches of snow on top of all that rain! The boys and I got out in it and built their first snow man. The snow stuck together well but then it was hard to get the eyes to stay- which really bothered Taylor. We still have some snow on the ground next to our house but for the most part it all melted yesterday. It's supposed to be 77 on Saturday! I can't wait!

Brayden doesn't have a snow suit so I put him in his Halloween costume so he'd stay warm. When Taylor saw him he laughed and said "baby a rabbit."

I think he's the cutest little rabbit!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lounging Outside

Last Thursday the weather was gorgeous... until that night and all weekend but I'll get to that later. It was about 60 outside so after Taylor's nap we went outside to play. Taylor was "basking" in the sunlight while Brayden played on a blanket and searched for the grapes I kept giving him that he kept losing.

Brayden has learned to clap. It's so cute and he gets so excited when he does it.

***side note- I love Linda and Richard Eyre. They have a ton of kids and write parenting books. I'm reading one of their books right now. They write so well. It's not overwhelming or discouraging to read the things I should be doing. They... inspire? (I don't know if that's the right word)... me to be a better mom. Pick up ANY of their books and start reading!


Taylor has a stool that he keeps next to his bed so he can climb in at night. He calls it his "up." (Any ladder is also called an up) The other day we were playing in the living room and Matt and I were talking and Taylor ran into his room, got his "up" and used it to climb up the back of the couch. He did that a few times and then he got quiet. All of a sudden he started screaming and Matt and I looked over the side of the couch and saw this:

I don't know how he did it but he got his head stuck inside his stool. We couldn't get it off without almost ripping his ears off so we had to cut him out. So- like any good mom I ran to get the scissors, and the camera!
Now he tells me his up his broken- but at least he can still use it.