Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've been slacking on the blogging world, well, on my blog at least. I check everyone else's, but by the time I'm done reading about your fun and interesting lives, I can't think of anything worth writing about. The grandparents would disagree I'm sure because they love to hear anything about the boys...

Matt’s leaving for California again tonight. A bunch of people in his class are headed down there to tour companies and search for internships. If anyone knows of a company looking for a marketing intern for the summer let us know!

The boys are growing like crazy and are saying/doing the funniest things. Every once in a while Matt will say, "Man, that is blog-worthy!" I should start writing them down because I can't think of any of it right now!

Taylor has moved in Primary at church and HATES sharing time (singing time). He cries when we leave him there. It's so sad! He loves his "small class" but the "big class" is not his favorite.

Brayden is along in nursery now, along with 15 other kids, but his big brother is gone. He will only go to nursery if they have the snacks out waiting for him, otherwise he cries. Last Sunday this is the paper he brought home from his class. Upon further examination I started laughing so hard, the only thing that is really colored is the food! SOOO Brayden!

Taylor has started swimming lessons. I thought it would be better for someone else to teach him to start and then I'll build on it from there. Well, while he loves it, it's a joke. They're not teaching him much, but at least he's in the water.

Taylor has been such a helper lately and the other day we heard a crash in the kitchen and I ran in and he had the soap out trying to do the dishes for me. I have to sneak the laundry downstairs or else I have a three-year old helper spraying stain remover on everything. The other day I was vacuuming the upstairs and both boys insisted on vacuuming their own rooms. Taylor even got the edger out and cleaned his whole room and then the master too!

This is how Braydne cleans when I ask him to pick all the trains off the floor.
Like I said... pretty boring stuff. I'll try and be more interesting next time!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Come on Horns

We're all decked out in our burnt orange and ready for a great game! I'm home by myslef with the kids, so Please, Please, Please win! I want to go to bed happy all alone tonight!