Monday, July 26, 2010

Brayden Boogi Boarding

In San Diego. The water was freezing and Brayden was blue but he cried when we pulled him off the board to go home. Do I have a beach bum on my hands? Matt is SO proud!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stadium of Fire

This year Carrie Underwood was the performer at Provo's 4th of July celebration Stadium of Fire. I looked into getting tickets, but the cheap seats were already gone by the time I got around to it. on Saturday night though, I REALLY wanted to go. I convinced Matt to go down to Provo and let me try and get some tickets from scalpers... well, 10 minutes before the show I still couldn't find tickets cheap enough for us. I was about to concede when I man drove by on his bike with tickets. I bought them and we got in just as they were starting.

It's the 100th birthday of the Boy Scouts so they had an eagle court of honor for 160 + scouts and had the Second Generation Osmonds, the Five Browns and Jennie Oaks Baker perform. The boys loved the show and really enjoyed the fireworks. What a great way to celebrate our country!

The flag girls and the raising of our colors. I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed at this point.

The jets flying over- pretty intense! Taylor wanted to know if Uncle Aleks was flying one of them. After they flew over they broad casted the pilots on the jumbo-tron to wish us all a Happy 4th.

Matt and Brayden watching the concert.

Taylor dancing to Carrie Underwood "Undo It"

I was too busy watching the fireworks to mess with the settings on my camera. I didn't get any other good shots but the fireworks were awesome!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Park City with JetBlue

JetBlue is celebrating their 10th anniversary so they had a huge party up at the Park City Mountain Resort last Friday. We got there early and were able to get a lot in before the crowds got there.

We rode the SLOW ski lift up the mountain so Matt and I could ride the Zipline.

I went down while Matt stayed with the kids and then I stayed at the top with the boys while Matt went down.

Then we all rode the Alpine slides down the mountain.

By now the crowds were starting to get bad so we took turns waiting in line for the Alpine roller coaster while the boys rode the merry-go-round and the little airplanes.

Taylor got some rock climbing in, with dad's help.

Brayden bounced on this trampoline and then Taylor got strapped in to "fly high."

Matt was recruited for the tug-of-war (they lost to the luggage crew that flew in from Long Beach) The boys weren't entertained by all the grunting so they played on the hill.

We got lunch, played some putt-putt golf, drank our weight in water and Sprite and sweated like crazy! Over all- a pretty great day!
Batman, with a mustache, and my lion.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I caved

I'd been doing so good. It's always a challenge of mine to see how long I can go without turning on the A/C for the summer. I REALLY wanted to make it to July 1st, but here I am, sitting comfortably in my air conditioned home for about a week now. I finally called it off when it was 89 degrees in my bedroom and 98 outside.

Working Out

So Matt and I are on week 5 of P90X- don't worry, we won't show you our before and after pictures! Taylor loves it and wants to work out with us every morning with his own bands. The other day he kept bugging me to work out so I put on the DVD for him. The boys are working on their 6-pack. (At least I can do a little better than Brayden!)

I know there are a lot here but I laugh everytime I see each one so I couldn't leave them out!

Brayden doing bicycles

Crunchie Frog

V-Up Roll-up Combo

Push Ups (Brayden wanted a turn)


I recorded these about two months ago- we've gotten SO much better!

Taylor's Knock-Knock Joke

Brayden's Version

Taylor's Orange Joke