Thursday, June 4, 2009

14 Layer Cake

So for a Young Women's object lesson I needed a very "desirable" chocolate cake. The other day on Bakerella I saw this one and thought that would be PERFECT!!! Well, I didn't document the whole process as well as she did, and mine definitely did not look as good as hers does- but it sure tasted great! My secretary's 9 yr old daughter was there last night and had a piece and said it was the best cakes she had ever had and begged me to give her mom the recipe. It was so cute. The girls were all excited when we cut into it and saw all the layers... that was my favorite part too! The layers were covered in a chocolate butter cream icing so it looked prettier, YUM!


Ashley DeMille said...

Wow That does look really good! I'll have to get your whole idea about this desirable chocolate cake for one of my yw lessons or activities!

Janessa said...

I am so excited that you guys are coming back to Provo! Can't wait to see you again and also meet your cute little boys!