Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{7.13} Kids Rockford Tri

 The boys got their first taste of racing this summer. Our town had a kids triathlon that the boys participated in. We worked hard training beforehand... kind of :) Taylor swam 50 yds, biked 2 miles and ran 1 mile.

He swam half freestyle and half backstroke. He came out of the water in 3rd place (of 27 boys).

After his bike ride he was in fifth, but was pretty beat by then. His running partner, Elijah, came to his rescue and pushed him hard on the run. I met up with him with 1/4 mile left. Taylor was really tired but didn't stop and finished strong. He came in 7th overall!

Brayden's age group was 0-5 so lots of parents were in the water helping their kids swim. I was so proud Bray swam the whole thing. The other three kids that beat him in the swim all had noodles or life jackets.

He had to swim a 25, bike 200 yds and run 200 yds. He was done in a flash!

Bray came in 6th out of 24 boys. 

Way to go boys! I was so proud!


Rob and Marseille said...

dang. i'm impressed! good job boys!

Clint or Kathryn said...

Way to go boys!