Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{7.3-6} MBA Camping Trip- PJ Hoffmaster State Park

We are so blessed to live close to other families that we got close with during our 2 years at MBA school. This is our second installment of our July 4th camping trip. This year we went a little closer to our home, only 45 minutes away from us, in Grand Haven, MI. It was so fun! We spent most of our time at the beach relaxing but had some fun activities sprinkled in: bike parade, disc golf game for the guys, hiking, snake show, firework watching and ice cream.

 Austin still naps! Luckily Matt has the magic touch and Aus would fall asleep with him and would transfer to the beach tent and sleep for 2 hours!

4th of July Bike parade

Austin LOVED pushing little C around. If we weren't watching him, Aus would push him all over the campsite!

*view from the top of our hike: beautiful Lake Michigan

Front Porch ice cream

Can't wait for next year... let's go a little south!

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